Custom Made Sublimated Polo Shirts

Info QTCo. Sunday, March 09, 2014
Custom Made Sublimated Corporate Golf Day Polo Shirts

Organising a Corporate Golf Day? Want the day to be remembered for more than just the time spent in the bunkers? Let corporate colours and branding walk the course on a DNA Sportswear sublimated golf polo shirt.

Sublimation is an excellent way to promote your business in a stylish and functional manner that will last for years. It also gives you the opportunity to design the shirt the way you want it, giving you a truly distinctive look that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Some of the benefits of our sublimated polos include:

  • Fully custom made — Allowing a unique look, or personal touch.
  • All inclusive pricing  Be as elaborate as you like! This helps to ensure your brand or sponsors have 360 degree coverage of your garment.
  • Men’s, women’s and kid’s sizing — No longer do you have to settle for a polo that doesn't fit.
  • 165 gsm lightweight cool dry performance fabrics help to keep you comfortable and dry.
  • Non-fade  Treat these with even a little care and they will look as new in 3 years as the day you first wore it.
  • Non-iron  Although you may never want to take it off, if you decide to, rest assured it’s as simple as taking it off the clothes line and putting it straight back on! 

If you don’t have your ideal polo design screaming at you, check out Our “Design Your Own” website allows you to utilise our range of standard designs across a variety of uses, customise them to suit your corporate image and have a copy emailed to you for comparison to your other designs as there is a fair chance that once you have designed one, you will go back for more! The website will even provide images of how your design may work across other garments like jackets, caps, t-shirts, bags or shorts if you want to take your unique image that one step further! 

Golf Days not on your agenda? Don’t stress, we have a comprehensive range of custom made apparel to cover no matter what sport you are into including Rugby League and Union, AFL, Soccer, Netball, Hockey, Basketball, Triathlon, Cycling, Motorsport, Athletics, Baseball, BMX, Gridiron, Tennis and much more.

With industry leading delivery times and reliability, an art department at your disposal and a sales team to help guide you through the process, why not give us a call today to see how sublimation can help to set your business or team apart.

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Personalised Promotional Products

Info QTCo. Sunday, March 09, 2014

It can be a challenge for businesses to cut through the clutter of today’s media saturated world. Whether watching TV, on the computer, laptop, tablet or other mobile device, every end user is distracted by the multitude of visuals that bombard us every day. Marketers are looking for new ways to create a personal insight for their product or service, engaging potential customers with emotional messages that speak directly to natural human instincts of needs and wants.

Personalisation of promotional products may be the key to portraying your company with a fresh image, pushing your brand message over the line and into the subconscious mind of consumers. Traditional forms of advertising such as direct mail do not have the impact they did before the advancement of the digital age. Therefore, companies need to find new approaches in order to communicate with customers more directly.

Call us on 07 3861 7888 for professional advice and a personalised approach to your upcoming promotional product campaign.

Customised print runs can be produced for the following personalised promotional products:

  • Direct-to-garment printed t-shirts
  • Individually named & numbered sports jerseys
  • Laser engraved or stickered key rings & bottle openers
  • Personalised labels on spring water bottles, as well as beer and wine bottles
  • Custom name labels on mugs & tape measures
  • Message-specific flyers, gift cards, postcards, bookmarks & desk calendars
  • Made-to-order notepads, mouse mats, magnets & more

In-house designers and copywriters work with you to formulate a creative message tailor-made for your companies marketing strategy, making the most of your personalised promotional product campaign.

One way to make promotional products even more personalised is to use variable data printing. Variable data printing is a process that uses the latest technology to digitally print individual names and targeted messages onto many promotional products. Variable data printing has been used for addressing bulk mail outs of bills and brochures for years, but with its introduction into the promotional products industry it takes direct marketing to a whole new level.

Imagine receiving the gift of a Christmas card, desktop calendar, mouse mat, key ring bottle opener or bottle of spring water with your name and/or company logo printed on the label or directly onto the item. What would otherwise be a generic gift, as a personalised promotional product, becomes a memorable experience with your brand.

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